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For only £9.99 the Eagle Eye golf training aid keeps your eye on the ball and improves your score!

Eagle Eye for putting
One of the key factors in making a good putt is to keep your head still throughout the putting stroke. Eagle Eye provides instant visual feedback that tells you if your head moves at any stage during the putt. Result – you become a better putter


Eagle Eye for chipping and full golf shots
“Keep your head still” and “watch the ball” are the most widely heard pieces of golfing advice on the planet. The problem is that they are said after a bad shot! Why is it so hard to keep your eye on the ball? To a non golfer it would seem to to be the easiest thing to do, but it isn't! Wouldn't it be fantastic if you knew that your head was still, and you were watching the ball as you executed your swing.

Eagle Eye gives you that feeling. Topped shots become average shots, average shots become good shots, and good shots become great shots! Result – you become a better striker of the ball


See for yourself and buy Eagle Eye today!